About Us

GameProFamily.com is designed for parents of young gamers and is dedicated to providing the insight they need to make smart game buying decisions.

Our Mission

The goal of GameProFamily.com is to provide timely and authoritative facts that clearly define the contents of many questionable games that are on the market today or are soon to be released.

Three unique perspectives provide insight into each game covered and deliver enough information to help parents make smart game purchasing decisions based on their own criteria for raising their children:

Dad’s Watch

Examines the level of violence, sex, mature language, and drugs in a game and looks at its real-world value and potential impact on a child.

Mom’s Take

Looks at any social or psychological concerns with a game and addresses the questions: Will this add to a child’s academic achievements, or increase/decrease physical activity?

The Kid’s Pitch

Provides insight into what your child may tell you about the game to try to persuade you to buy it for them.

Rating System

A definitive rating system is also available for all games reviewed: a green light indicates “safe for all ages”, a yellow light suggests “use caution”, and a red light means “not appropriate”.


For every game reviewed on GameProFamily.com you’ll find a PlaySmart descriptor. Pioneered by GamePro more than 10 years ago, PlaySmart quickly became a valuable tool for game buyers of all ages by highlighting the rating and full descriptor assigned to each game by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and including a brief summary of the specific contents of that game that warranted the assigned ESRB rating.

Alternate Picks

One of the most innovative features of GameProFamily.com is a list of alternate picks for each title reviewed. If a parent chooses not to buy the game in question they can select an alternate title from this list and feel confident that it will include much of the same entertainment value without the content parents may have deemed inappropriate.

Review Disclaimers

The games reviewed on GameProFamily.com may also include a review from GamePro.com which was written for a gaming enthusiast audience. It may contain language and recommendations that are inconsistent with those found on GameProFamily.com. These reviews have been included as a tool to help parents understand the perspective of a more “hard core” gamer and to provide insight into why their child may want a particular game.

Feature Stories

GameProFamily.com includes feature stories that provide in-depth analysis of relevant gaming issues and a daily news feed that will keep interested parents up-to-date on future releases and important announcements.

Who We Are

The Dad’s Watch perspective on GameProFamily.com is penned by Wes Nihei, the father of an 18 year boy old and a veteran of the video games industry. “Raising my son in a very technology centric environment, surrounded by video games, presented me with many challenging decisions,” said Wes. “I have a unique love of games but I appreciate that parents have their own criteria for choosing games for their family and am very happy that we are able to provide the essential information that they need to make these choices through GameProFamily.”

The Mom’s Take is authored by Ellen Mulholland, a middle school teacher and mother of two. “Everyday I am faced with important decisions about how to raise my daughter and son,” said Ellen. “These decisions often have to be made on the fly. I hope that my experiences will help parents to be more confident about the games they choose to expose their children to.”

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